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Ready to get started on a program that provides the weight loss motivation you need to succeed? At MRC Columbus, we offer much more than just a weekly trip to the scales.

Our programs use REAL food, food that helps reduce internal inflammation (a leading cause of chronic disease) and restore the body's natural balance. Most clients are surprised when they realize how bad they felt before they starting eating the right things. Take advantage of our monthly specials and heal your body. It's much easier to succeed when you have MRC's experienced support by your side.

To meet your new weight loss partner, stop by the Metabolic Research Center in Columbus for your free, no obligation consultation.

44 lbs and 80 inches!!!!! I NEVER could have done this without you ladies. They taught me how to eat. They are encouraging and motivational. Even when I wanted to give up they helped me over come my discouragement of the plateau I hit. 2 thumbs up for the ladies here and the MRC program!!!! I have tried numerous other plans from workouts to diets and mixing the 2. Nothing worked before I started at MRC.


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