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Thawanna's Story

My name is Thawanna, and I lost 45 pounds and 42 inches with MRC!

I decided to lose weight because I was feeling tired all the time and depressed. My blood pressure was out of control, and I struggled with my self-esteem and body image.

The weight loss experience was challenging, but I was determined to reach my goal before my birthday. The protein bars and the protein drinks eased my sweet cravings and made the process easier. I also loved the recipes that kept my choices interesting. My favorite recipe hands down was the mashed cauliflower/russet potatoes I made for Thanksgiving. Everyone loved them and my family had NO clue!

The best thing about being at my goal weight is being able to shop for clothes and not have to frustratingly try on article after article of clothing to find the size that fits me well. What I want to tell others about the weight loss journey is to never give up even though you may have a bad day or week - you have to keep at it! There were times at my weigh-ins that I had either gained or stayed the same without even cheating, but I never became discouraged. You have to trust your body and know that the right path is the best path.

The consultants are incredible at their job. They are great motivators and provided me with advice whenever I needed it. I want to thank them for cheering me on, and I can`t wait for them to cheer me through my maintenance phase as I keep the weight off, too!

I am confident again - even though I`m a grandmother, honestly, I feel more like a GLAMmother!


Thawanna is ALL SMILES as she celebrates reaching her goal weight and being 42 inches smaller!

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I have tried another program in the past however I really enjoyed the science of eating healthy foods and fruits in combination with your carbs and protein to obtain a healthy weight loss. They are concerned about your whole body wellness! I met my goal of losing 34 pounds and have enjoyed the whole experience! Now I know how to eat healthy! They provide a year of maintenance after the weight loss too! Try it and lose your extra weight!


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