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Can Eating Steel Cut Oats Aid Weight Loss

Blog Image: Can Eating Steel Cut Oats Aid Weight Loss

At a recent check-up at your physician’s office, you received a surprising tidbit of information. You discovered your disdain of breakfast might be contributing to your weight woes. For as long as you can remember, you’ve skipped a morning repast in order to save calories for the rest of the day. If you can relate to this scenario, stocking up on breakfast foods might be on your to-do list. Rather than filling your grocery cart with flaky pastries, sugary cereals, or greasy, breakfast sandwiches, consider opting for steel cut oats.

 Steel Cut Oats Are Processed Differently

Steel cut oats derive from the same plant as rolled oats and other oat products. The processing of steel cut oats make them unique. Rolled oats are first steamed. Then, they’re rolled. Rolling the oats helps them cook quicker. Steel cut oats aren’t cooked during processing. The whole grain is passed through slender blades that slice the oat kernel into thin pieces. Steel cut oats are dense and chewy. Even better, they retain more protein and fiber than their rolled counterparts.

One fourth of a cup of dry oats packs a whopping five grams of total fiber including two grams of insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber found in steel cut oats consists of the substance d-beta-glucan. D-beta-glucan is believed to be able to both improve your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Consuming a mere three grams of d-beta-glucan daily might lower diabetics’ glycemic response to a meal. In addition to fiber, steel cut oats boast seven grams of protein per each one fourth of a cup serving. The protein in this breakfast of champions consists of trace amounts of all of the essential amino acids. Like other whole grains, steel cut oats are a great source of the B vitamins and iron.

 Steel Cut Oats a Breakfast for Champions

Steel cut oats are the perfect ingredient to a filling, healthy breakfast. If you detest plain oatmeal, liven it up with tasty toppings such as fresh or dried fruit, cinnamon, and nuts. To learn more about incorporating real, healthy foods such as steel cut oats into your menu plan, consider scheduling a free, initial appointment with a representative at a Metabolic Research Center near you.


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