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Metabolic Research Center Pooler
Metabolic Research Center Pooler
114 Canal Street, Suite 302
Pooler, GA 31322
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How It Works

Get started today on compounded GLP-1 injectable medications. When you choose medical programs with MRC, you choose an affordable approach to weight loss that's backed by science, and paired with the support of professional weight loss coaching.

*Now Offering Prescription Medical Weight Loss*

Did your last diet let you down?

MRC Weight Loss Center in Pooler is leading the way into the future of shedding pounds and inches by eating real foods that help to restore your body's natural balance.

In your free consultation, you will meet privately with one of our weight loss consultants, who will help you set your weight loss goals, personalize a plan to perfectly match your lifestyle, and get you started on the path to improved health and wellness. You'll have access to delicious recipes for preparing breakfast, entrees, snacks and desserts.

If you've been trying to lose weight but can't, then visit MRC Pooler for your no obligation consultation and let MRC get you started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your medications made in compounding pharmacies safe?

Yes, our medications are prepared by licensed compounding pharmacists who follow strict quality standards and guidelines.

Is Semaglutide or Tirzepatide better?

Compounded Semaglutide and compounded Tirzepatide are both safe and effective options for medical weight loss. Your Weight Loss Specialist and healthcare provider will work with you to determin which option will be the best fit for you.

Why do I need a personalized menu plan?

Metabolic Research Center plans incorporate a healthy balance of meats and other proteins, healthy fats, and good carbs. By eating foods that you prepare in your own home, our weight loss recipes can help you restore balance to your body. MRC has put more than 35 years of R&D into our programs to?maximizes your chance of success.

What if I can't make it to center with any normal frequency?

That's not a problem. We've been helping clients lose weight for more than three decades. Our weight loss consultant can connect with you over the phone, using Skype, texting or email. Your success is our top priority, so you can ensure your weight loss program never misses a beat.

How much do your medical weight loss programs cost?

Medical program availability and costs vary by location and strength. Medical programs typically start at $399-$499. This price is inclusive of one month of medication, your menu(s), and all of your coaching sessions, classes, and regular progress measurement. 

I've lost weight. Now, what can I do about stubborn belly fat?

During your free consultation with a weight loss specialist, you will discuss your body's unique needs. MRC offers several low-carbohydrate diets that can be personalized to allow your body to attain a metabolic state of ketosis. 

Should I be taking vitamins or supplements to boost my weight loss efforts?

To shed unwanted pounds, you need your body working correctly. MRC weight loss plans recommend the foods as well as the supplements that can help ignite your body to eliminate unwanted body fat. Our experienced consultants will take the speculation out of selecting the right nutraceuticals. We recommend exactly what your body needs to make you feel healthier while shedding those unwanted pounds.

What can I eat when I'm taking GLP-1 medications?

Injectable weight loss medical programs through MRC provide you with a variety of food choices. Your program comes with an MRC Menu(s) designed to maximize nutrition with results. Your menu(s) will provide you with a variety of protein, vegetable, carbohydrate, and healthy fat food options. Balanced portions are also provided so that you are consuming the foods that will help you feel your best while losing weight with our medical weight loss programs.

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