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Donna Lost 50 Pounds

Have you struggled to lose weight? Our supportive staff can show you how a healthy approach can make all the difference. At MRC in Lakewood, we can show you how always feeling hungry is almost certain to sabotage your plans. If you've tried other diets to lose weight only to struggle to keep the weight off, MRC's experienced coaches can explain why your diet may have been doomed from the start. By eating real foods that help to heal your body, you won't have to live hungry to lose weight and MRC will supply the motivation and supervision until you hit your target. The Metabolic Research Center has invested more than 30 years of research and development into our weight loss programs. This allows our staff to design a "Weight Loss Lakewood" plan to maximize your performance. In addition, we will guide you through MRC's recipes that use healing foods in a way that feeds your metabolism. MRC's menu plans incorporate a healthy balance of lean proteins, the right fats and smart carbs. You'll feel content and in full control while you lose weight and keep it off. MRC's menus are also easy to follow as you consume real foods that you buy at your neighborhood market or order at your favorite restaurant. Best of all, there are no meals to buy, no calories to count and no guesswork.

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Mock Family

The support I receive from the awesome staff at MRC Topeka keeps me motivated each week to continue moving forward toward my goal!

— Brandy Killion Wathke

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