Laughter a Weight Loss Aid, Study Shows

Laughter and Weight Loss

It's long been said that laughter is the best medicine. Now, new research suggests that it also can be a weight loss aid. Results of a study published in the International Journal of Obesity provethat laughter not only boosts heart rate, but burns calories, too.

In the study, researchers observed 45 pairs of adult friends who viewed a series of either funny or serious film clips while wearing monitors that measured participants' heart rates. The clips were viewed in a room outfitted with equipment that measured the number of calories burned andmonitored the rate, duration and type of laughter.

Researchers concluded that laughter increased participants' heart rate and calorie burn by up to 20 percent. The longer participants laughed, the greater the effects they experienced. By researchers' calculations, 15 minutes of laugher a day can burn up to 50 calories, depending upon a person's weight and the intensity of laughter.

We know - 50 calories doesn't seem like much in the big picture. Admittedly, it's enough to help you shed around four pounds in a year's time. But hey - every bit counts, right? Plus, regular laughter brings about other health benefits, too. It can strengthen your immune system, boost your body's production of HDL cholesterol (the good type), reduce blood sugar, relievepain, relaxmuscles and brighten skin tone.

Give your weight loss efforts a boost by adding a bit of laughter to your daily routine. And, call 800-501-8090 to schedule a consultation with a nutrition specialist at your nearest Metabolic Research Center location.


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