How to Pepper Away Abdominal Fat

Hot Pepper

 There is no magical way to shed pounds overnight. It takes time to pack on extra weight and it will take time to lose it. However, the good news is there is a common, inexpensive spice that can help you shed abdominal fat faster than would have otherwise been possible.

Researchers have found that capsaicin, which is commonly found in spicy chili peppers, can speed up abdominal fat loss. Melegueta, a lesser known African pepper, is known to target visceral belly fat that is typically extremely hard to get rid of. Black pepper contains piperine, a substance that is also known to reduce belly fat.

It is not hard to add pepper to just about any dish. Chili peppers can be cooked with omelets, salads, sautéed dishes, meats and many other foods. Black pepper can be sprinkled over just about any dish while melegueta tastes particularly good with chicken and fish.

Additionally, you don't need to add large quantities of pepper to any one food in order to benefit from pepper's belly fat shedding properties. If you aren't used to spicy food or have a hard time eating it, simply add a small sprinkling of black pepper to your meals on a regular basis. Alternatively, invest in a jar of melegueta pepper (also known as grains of paradise) as its flavor is less powerful than other types of pepper.

Pepper may seem like a small, unimportant flavoring agent but nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to shed pounds and are specifically targeting your belly fat, consider adding pepper to your meals and snacks on a regular basis. Use fresh pepper rather than processed spicy sauces in order to benefit from all that natural pepper has to offer while avoiding less than healthy additives.


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