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Do your scales seem to be broken? Metabolic Research Center is ready to help you change your life - one pound at a time. MRC in Columbus will educate you as to how food cravings can sabotage your best efforts. If you've tried other diet plans but failed to keep the weight off, MRC specialists can explain why your attempt may have been destined to fail. By eating real foods that help to heal your body, you won't have to suffer with hunger pangs to manage your weight. Moreover, our team will keep you inspired until you have reached your target weight. The Metabolic Research Center has invested more than 30 years of research and development into our programs, this allows our staff to provide a weight loss plan that amplifies your efforts. We will introduce you to our "Weight Loss Columbus" program that has you ingest healing foods that best feed your body. MRC's daily menu plans include a healing balance of fresh lean proteins, good healthy fats, and smart carbs that you should be eating. You'll feel satisfied and in full control of your day, making healthy weight loss a little easier. Our "Weight Loss Columbus" diet plan will be easy for you to follow. You will eat fresh, healthy foods that you purchase at your local market or order in restaurants. In addition, there are no meals to buy, no time-consuming calorie counting and no guesswork.

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Marlo and Jason lost weight in Columbus GA

Marlo and Jason lost a combined 76 pounds! They lost weight as a team to ensure a long and healthy life together. Here are Jason't thoughts:

In 2013 my boss, who I consider a friend, was on vacation in California and had a stroke. Fortunately he survived and is back working for our company. During our Christmas party last year, my boss pulled my wife aside and made her promise to put me on a diet, so I would be around for my love ones.

My mom and my sister were already members at Metabolic Research Center in Columbus, GA., so I knew this was the place to call. My wife, who I owe much of my success to, and I joined in the beginning of May 2014 and we both have had tremendous success in shedding the unwanted pounds. When I joined MRC, I weighed 206 pounds. I now weight 160! I am currently on maintenance program. I am so amazed how easy this program is to follow! I want to thank everyone that believed in me, especially to my loving wife Marlo. We feel so much healthier and everything in our life has improved.

The Columbus, Indiana staff are so supportive!! I was scared to go on maintenance and they are helping me every step of the way! Lost 39 lbs and with their help, keeping it off!!

— Terry Byrd-Dinsmore

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