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Metabolic Research Center Columbus GA
Metabolic Research Center Columbus GA
6440 W. Hamilton Park Drive, Suite A-103
Columbus, GA 31909
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How It Works

Get started today on compounded GLP-1 injectable medications. When you choose medical programs with MRC, you choose an affordable approach to weight loss that's backed by science, and paired with the support of professional weight loss coaching.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic Columbus

At the medical weight loss clinic Columbus, our comprehensive plans offer nutritional guidance tailored to help you eat better and one-on-one support to help you live healthier.

MRC’s goal has been to make access to medical weight loss medications as easy and simple as possible for our clients. After receiving a prescription from our network of clinicians, your GLP-1 injectables will be filled at a certified compounding pharmacy and promptly delivered to the clinic. Our team then furnishes you with the supplies and instructions needed to launch your journey.

To kickstart your program for living a healthier life, schedule a FREE consultation with a weight coach at MRC Columbus today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my doctor's approval to get started?

No, not to get started. You can discuss specific health conditions and medications in your one-on-one consultation with our weight loss specialist. If there are any concerns, we may recommend that you check with your doctor to be safe. We are, however, very experienced at personalizing menu plans for numerous health issues and dietary restrictions.

How long will it take to receive my prescription?

Prescriptions for medical weight loss will either be mailed directly to your house or picked up at your local center. In most cases prescriptions arrive within 1-2 weeks.

Since I quit smoking, I've been gaining weight at an alarming rate. How can MRC help?

Lifestyle changes like stopping smoking are essential for restoring your good health, and you should take pride in your accomplishment. However, you can't live the rest of your life hungry. That's why we personalized menu plans and offer dietary supplements to satisfy your body's specific needs. You've taken a big step. Now, take the next step, and contact MRC.

Are your medications on backorder?

At this time our medications are not on back order. We work with out partner pharmacies to ensure the medications for MRC Clients is available. Circumstances beyond our control do occur, but they are rare and will be communicated should they occur.

Do you recommend a keto diet for your clients?

At Metabolic Research Center, we don't talk about specific diets. What we offer are personalized menu plans to follow a keto diet. Our basic MRC menu plan is based on low-carbohydrate consumption, a healthy intake of good fat, and modest amounts of protein. MRC also offers supplementation to help your reach a healthy state of ketosis to jump start turning your body into a fat-burning machine.

Do you have an online BMI calculator?

Yes we do. You can visit the RESOURCE page on the MRC website or click on this online BMI calculator link to identify your weight range. If you are ready to get started on the road to shedding unwanted pounds and restoring your health and wellness, contact a MRC location in your area to schedule a free weight loss consultation.

Where do your medications come from?

Our weight loss medications are prepared in licensed compounding pharmacies.

I don't have diabetes or prediabetes. Can I still be approved for a GLP-1 prescription?

Yes, you can still qualify for GLP-1 weight loss medications through Metabolic Research Center without a diabetes or prediabetes diagnosis. Your healthcare provider will conduct a thorough qualifying exam to determine eligibility for participation in prescription weight loss with MRC.

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