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Do you know why fad diets fail? It is often due to the cravings you have and the overwhelming sensation of feeling hungry.

At MRC Bentonville, our weight loss consultants help you set realistic goals to reach your target weight faster than you may have ever expected. We will show you how to prepare healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner using real food purchased at your favorite store. In fact, our cookbook is filled with proven recipes from our staff and clients and even include tasty desserts.

We want you to succeed, and to feel good about yourself — not just for the short-term — but for the rest of your life. Make an appointment or stop by for your Free Consultation.

I'm very excited to say that this program actually works.. Coming from someone that has tried everything and not have it work! I'm seeing the pounds melt off.. Almost down 15lbs in a little over a month!!! I recommend MRC to everyone that has struggled with weight loss in the past!

— Ruby Gutschow

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