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FDA Food Label: Nutrients Without a %DV

Blog Image: FDA Food Label: Nutrients Without a %DV

You've probably noticed that not all nutrients on food labels list a daily value percentage. It's not that a company isn't complying with regulations, it's because there are some nutrients for which the FDA doesn't require a daily value. Trans fat, sugar and protein rarely have a daily value percentage listed on the nutrition label.

This is because it hasn't established any specific guidelines about how much a person can consume for optimal health. Food manufacturers are required to give a percentage of the daily value for protein if a product is labeled as being high in protein, or if it's specifically made for children or infants under the age of four.

Avoid These...

Both trans fats and sugars should be avoided as much as possible in order to prevent health issues like obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease. Trans fat is linked to elevating LDL blood cholesterol, the "bad" cholesterol, which increases your risk of coronary heart disease.

According to educators at the University of California at San Francisco, your body is capable of producing most of the sugar that it needs in order to run efficiently, and that is not a large amount at all. Any excess sugar—be it from refined sugar or those naturally occurring—will be shuttled through your body and stored as fat. Many health professionals recommend keeping daily sugar grams as low as possible, and many weight loss plans have been based around limiting sugar intake to 15-20 grams a day or less.

...And Eat This

Protein is an essential for maintaining muscle mass and repairing your body, so you need to consume an adequate amount for your health goals. Protein also helps satiate your hunger and keeps you full for hours; a perfect nutrient for battling the bulge. Animal proteins, with their natural fats that also keep hunger at bay, are optimal but you can also use nuts and seeds as a source of protein.

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