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Looking for a weight loss program that works? At Metabolic Research Center in Columbus, we give you the tools you'll need for lifelong weight maintenance. We also include the support and encouragement to overcome procrastination, so you'll be celebrating your success almost immediately.

Unlike many fad diets, our one-on-one support and nutritional guidance enable you to lose pounds every week without starving you body. Plus when it is time to eat, you'll eat real food purchased from your favorite store and prepared in your kitchen.

If you are ready to lose inches and pounds while controlling your hunger, visit MRC Columbus today for your free, no obligation consultation.


Marlo and Jason lost weight in Columbus GA

Marlo and Jason lost a combined 76 pounds! They lost weight as a team to ensure a long and healthy life together. Here are Jason't thoughts:

In 2013 my boss, who I consider a friend, was on vacation in California and had a stroke. Fortunately he survived and is back working for our company. During our Christmas party last year, my boss pulled my wife aside and made her promise to put me on a diet, so I would be around for my love ones.

My mom and my sister were already members at Metabolic Research Center in Columbus, GA., so I knew this was the place to call. My wife, who I owe much of my success to, and I joined in the beginning of May 2014 and we both have had tremendous success in shedding the unwanted pounds. When I joined MRC, I weighed 206 pounds. I now weight 160! I am currently on maintenance program. I am so amazed how easy this program is to follow! I want to thank everyone that believed in me, especially to my loving wife Marlo. We feel so much healthier and everything in our life has improved.

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I love this place! Especially the people they're so nice and they actually try to make it the best experience every time.
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