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Colorado Springs
3510 Galley Rd, Suite 114
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Phone: 719-637-9767
Fax: 719-637-9768

Weight Loss Colorado Springs

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Mon-Fri, 9-7
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Visit our center in Colorado Springs CO and learn how to lose weight fast with a Metabolic weight loss plan. More than a diet, you safely lose 2 to 5 pounds each week. Plus, our trained weight loss professionals will teach you weight loss tips and skills to keep it off for a lifetime. Created by doctors and registered dietitians, Metabolic's nutritionally balanced diets incorporate whole foods, including proteins, carbohydrates and fats. You enjoy shopping at your local grocery store and eating out at your favorite restaurant. Each diet offered by the Metabolic Research Center is individually designed and personally supervised for safe weight loss that preserves lean muscle mass. Our trained staff will assist you in maintaining a mild exercise regimen to increase your body's metabolism and eliminate problematic food cravings. We also offer natural herbs and vitamins that can enhance your weight loss success but it's always your decision to include supplements in your personalized program.   


MRC Colorado Springs has a powerful team! Each individual brings their own powerhouse skill set to the Center, allowing us to rise to greater heights with every stride and never settling for less than the best. Want to get to know our team? Sophia is an upbeat, career-focused consultant that runs an awesomely successful satellite center in Pueblo. She is recognized nationally year after year and is an absolute rockstar with our clients. Vicky is our HCG expert! She builds strong, powerful relationships with clients that lead to incredible weight loss and long term success. She is also very educated on all MRC programs and products and is a go-to for many members of the team.

Carmelita has expanded the reach of our Center by connecting with the Spanish speaking community. She brings a ton of fun and excitement to her fitness classes and creative games. Vanessa is energy! Bringing positivity and a diverse personality to the team, many clients can't help but be drawn in by her ability to listen to them and provide creative solutions to their stumbling blocks.

Brent brings a quiet positivity and calm to the Center. His steady demeanor can't help but spread to the clients and team, helping to keep everyone grounded and positive no matter what else is going on.

Dayna is a warm, caring consultant with a deep connection to her clients. She helps lead the team forward by goal-setting and trouble shooting with anyone that needs guidance.

Carrie has a spunky attitude that the clients and team can't help but notice! She is always looking to help her clients make their goals a reality, even it means shipping emergency product to their hotel when they're out of town!

Nicole is one of the newest members of our team and growing quickly! The clients appreciate her kindness and personable ability to relate to their struggles and successes. She is on the rise!

Greg has a dynamite set of valuable skills! As a personal trainer, he creates popular classes that get the clients pumped up and finds creative solutions to common problems. His "never stop" attitude keeps him driven!

Lindsey is another newer member of them team from Alabama! Her sweet demeanor and willingness to absorb new information like a sponge make her a great consultant that brings positive energy to the Center!

Lisa provides a passionate brand of leadership centered around personal growth and ever evolving motivations. The team has never peaked and the top is never reached- there is always room to grow and provide something even better for our clients.

Kallie brings love and excitement to our front desk! She has the incredible ability to know the name of nearly every client that walks through the door. Her connection with the clients and ability to help the team is invaluable.

Tiffani is the creative brains behind our Center's themes! She brings a new spin to old ideas and never fails to bring some sparkle to the front desk. She is an incredible resource for the team when things get busy and is always open to improving systems, moving the team forward in many areas! With a team like this, how can our clients help but be happy and successful.