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Donna Lost 50 Pounds


Want to know more about transforming your body? MRC weight loss programs are developed for you based on your needs and goals. At the Metabolic Research Center in Colorado Springs, we will educate you how food cravings or hunger can sabotage your efforts. If you've tried other weight loss plans but failed to keep the weight off, our experienced specialists can explain why your diet plan may have been destined to fail. By eating fresh foods that help to balance your body, you won't have to suffer with hunger pangs to drop inches. Additionally, our team will keep you inspired and motivated until your desired weight is reached. We have invested in excess of 30 years of R&D into our programs, this allows our centers to deliver a weight loss plan that amplifies your chance of success. We will guide you through our menu plan to eat healthy foods that will fuel your body. Your "Weight Loss Colorado Springs" plan is a combination of lean proteins, good fats, and smart carbohydrates. You'll feel content and in full control to make shedding pounds a lot easier. Plus, Metabolic's programs are easy to follow. You will consume real, nutritious foods that you pick up at your local market or eat when dining out. Best of all, there are no pre-packaged meals to purchase, no calorie counting and no guesswork.

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Mock Family

One of the best programs available. The diet itself is more like training yourself to eat well to be healthy. It offers great variety of good nutritious foods in appropriate quantities to lose weight steadily. The supplements improve metabolism and curb cravings. But the real powerhouse of this program are the ladies offering their support and encouragement. Simply the best.

— Catherine Efferson Beaird

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