How to Eat Out Mexican Style

Chicken Fajitas in the Pan

Many people mistakenly think that losing weight and keeping it off means you can never eat out again. Granted the first few days after you start your a new program, it is probably a good idea to plan on preparing your own dishes at home. However, it is foolish to think that you have to always avoid eating out with friends or family. Asking yourself to give up such pleasures wouldn't be sustainable for most of us and is simply not necessary.

Since Mexican food is not often associated with weight loss, let's look at how you can eat out and still minimize the destruction to your diet. Mexican food doesn't have to be loaded with cheese and other fatty ingredients. As always, you should aim for less than one third of your calories to come from fat. So, consider one of these Mexican food dishes:

Chicken - Tostadas, Enchiladas or Burritos without cheese and loaded with fresh veggies are excellent choices.

Fish - Seafood Ceviche, Fish Tacos or Fish Veracruz allow you to enjoy Mexican food flavors without busting your menu plan.

Steak - Chili-Rubbed Steak Tacos are a good choice or pick Steak Fajitas that way you can control the toppings for a healthier dish.

Tamales - Cornmeal Tamales are the perfect alternative to fat-soaked enchiladas swimming in melted cheese. If you do choose enchiladas, order them Fresco style.

Side Dishes & Condiments - Ask for Black Beans with Rice instead of Fried Rice or Refried Beans. Stick with a Green or Red Salsa to avoid sour cream, cheese or guacamole.

Most Mexican restaurants are familiar with alternative methods of preparation to meet the needs of diners who are restricted by a particular medical condition. So, be assertive about how you want your meal seasoned and cooked. To learn more about eating out when you're managing a weight loss plan, contact the Metabolic Research Center for help.


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