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Imbalances Make Weight Easy to Gain But Hard to Lose

Blog Image: Imbalances Make Weight Easy to Gain But Hard to Lose

Part 2 of a two part series on Hormonal Imbalance and Weight Loss

When you lose weight, your resting metabolic rate can go down disproportionately to the loss of body mass. If there is hormonal imbalance, some target tissues and systems become less sensitive to their controlling hormone. As you age, the target receptors where the hormones attach must be able to respond correctly for your body to work correctly. When weight loss is hormonally difficult, your metabolic rate is often slowed making it easy to gain but hard to lose weight.

Low thyroid hormone also can affect energy levels

While thyroid hormones are not responsible for immediate adjustments to metabolic rate, insufficient hormone production can lead to weight gain as your metabolism suffers. When it comes to weight loss struggles, low thyroid hormone and a sluggish metabolism are the most common culprits. Hypothyroidism is the condition for weight gain due to the low production of thyroid hormone. Lower levels of thyroid hormone can affect your mitochondria (the cells that produce energy for your body), so there is less energy wasted. That would be great if you were experiencing a famine because it preserves your fat stores, which is contrary to burning fat and losing weight.

Hunger hormones play a critical role in weight maintenance

Hunger hormones play a major role in body weight maintenance. The same area of the brain that holds the receptors for leptin also holds the receptors for ghrelin/growth hormone. One of the biggest hurdles that someone trying to lose weight faces is gaining the weight back. Dealing with weight maintenance requires some understanding of the need for hormonal balance of your hunger hormones. Both hunger hormones have an important relationship and act throughout your body to manage metabolism, growth and development. So, the amount of leptin in your brain determines how much thyroid hormone is released into your body.

Excess insulin makes it harder to lose weight

Insulin is made and released into the blood by the pancreas and effects the function of organs and tissues. If you are overweight, your body's glucose regulator can be thrown off balance and excess insulin can make it harder to lose weight. To lose unwanted belly fat and be thin again, you need to reduce insulin spikes and insulin sensitivity caused by years of consuming hidden sugars and refined carbohydrates. For many overweight people, insulin is the enemy. To lose weight, they have to eliminate processed sugars and starchy carbohydrates to balance insulin hormone production.



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