Unlock the Secrets to Steady Weight Loss

Blog Image: Unlock the Secrets to Steady Weight Loss

Even though you continue to consume the same number of calories that helped you lose weight, your metabolism will work against you to slow the rate of weight loss. Weight loss stalls happen because your body is extremely adaptable and efficient at maintaining stability. Your body assumes it requires less food than it did before, so it makes an adjustment to protect stored fat deposits. Once some people review their eating and drinking patterns, they may see where the unnecessary intake of calories are coming from. Since studies suggest more than half of the participants underreport what they eat, check to make sure your plateau is not self-induced. Adding resistance training is an effective way to lose fat. By preventing muscle loss, which is often associated with rapid weight loss, you can sustain a long-term program based on fat loss.

  • Apply Strategy to Your Workouts - Intensity intervals really can burn extra calories to help you break through a weight loss plateau. Alternate aerobic exercise with low intensity exercise.
  • Take a Rest Day - Losing weight is never easy, so don’t be surprised when it stalls. Be understanding about what’s happening during a plateau. In fact, experts recommend building in a rest day but not a binge day.
  • Ditch the Booze - One of the most overlooked aspects of a weight loss journey is ensuring you are properly hydrated. Drinking booze is consuming empty calories as most drinks are loaded with sugar.
  • Look Beyond Your Scales - Truth is your body does not like to lose weight. In fact, your efforts to burn more calories can cause your metabolism to slow down and hormone secretions can boost your appetite, so look beyond the scales.

Metabolic Research Center online provides the resources you need to learn more about our personalized approach to permanent weight loss. Customizing a diet and exercise plan based on an individual’s genetic profile may be the next frontier in losing weight more effectively by following a personalized menu plan and making the appropriate lifestyle changes. One of the reasons a low-carb approach to eating has worked for a lot of people is that the menus are simple and easy to follow as part of a lifestyle change. If your efforts have stalled, MRC can help. Based on our current understanding of nutrition, individuals need to receive coaching and support on how to improve his or her daily intake of food as well as how to make better personal food choices.


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