How Too Much Caffeine Can Make You Fat

Man Working on Computer with Many Cups of Coffee

Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? Maybe you reach for another cup of coffee or another type of caffeinated beverage in the afternoon for an extra boost. Caffeine will give you a temporary boost, but it could also be making it difficult for you to lose weight. 

Cortisol, Caffeine and Weight Loss

Before looking at how caffeine can make you fat, you need to understand the role of cortisol in your weight loss journey. The body makes cortisol to counteract stress, but when you have an overabundance of cortisol in your body, it can make it tough to lose weight. High levels of cortisol can increase your appetite and may also make it tough for you to build muscle.

When you feel that extra boost after drinking a cup of coffee, it’s because the caffeine is making your body produce adrenaline. It’s adrenaline that’s giving you that extra energy. Adrenaline is an important part of your body’s fight-or-flight reflex, which is helpful for keeping you alive when there’s an emergency. However, when you have too much adrenaline, it can result in increased cortisol production. More cortisol in your body means it’s tougher to lose weight.

Kick the Caffeine Habit

You may have a tough time kicking the caffeine habit cold turkey, but if you reduce your caffeine intake over time, it’s easier to kick the habit. Once you start reducing your caffeine intake, you’ll reduce cortisol production. You’ll also start sleeping better at night, which can also result in reduced cortisol levels. Before you knock back that morning coffee, think twice. Remember, that jolt may feel good now, but it could sabotage your weight loss efforts. Many caffeinated drinks are packed with calories too, so cutting back will help you lower cortisol levels and reduce calorie intake.


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