Can A High Protein Diet Improve Sleep Quality

Lean Beef Roast with Roasted Veggies

People who are trying to lose weight sometimes have disrupted sleep patterns. Studies are beginning to show, however, that a person who is on a diet that is high in protein, but low in calories, may actually sleep better once their weight begins to drop. Increasing the amount of protein that is consumed while a person is on a diet offers a few key benefits.

Higher amounts of protein helps to lower blood pressure as weight is lost. Protein actually helps the body shed fat and retain lean muscle mass. These two things alone help the body function more efficiently. With less fat, there is less pressure on the heart. Lean muscle mass burns calories much easier than muscle that is marbled with fat. Proteins that are most effective at aiding in weight loss come from soy, beef, legumes, milk proteins and pork.

The increase in protein gives the body additional energy it needs to get through the day. As weight is lost and the energy the body uses is consumed more efficiently, there is less left over to upset a person's sleep patterns. The muscles need protein to both function and grow. Consuming extra protein with each meal gives the body the amount it needs to function physiologically as well as aid in burning off any excess calories that are available in the form of fat.

A body that has been brought back into balance through an increase in protein and a reduction in calories, will begin to sleep more efficiently. Regular sleep patterns will be established and the body is allowed to rest and rejuvenate as needed to remain active and healthy.


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