Why Supplements Alone Cannot Fix a Bad Diet

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It is always better to get the nutrients you need from real food, but it is hard today (even for those who do eat well) to get everything the body needs from food alone. So when the food on your plate falls short and does not meet your body's requirements of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it may be time to consider supplementing your meal plan. However, that does not mean you should blindly head to the health food store and try to supplement away a bad diet.

Supplements, regardless of how natural or organic, can only help to fill the gap. Manmade vitamins and dietary supplements are not intended to be and should not be used as a substitute for whole foods. Food contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fibers that promote digestion and absorption that cannot be found in a pill or capsule. However, dietary supplements can play a major role in restoring the body's natural balance, especially when transitioning from a bad diet to one that is wholesome.

Research studies have documented many of the health benefits to be found when high-quality supplements are taken regularly. The right combination can help to restore many of the missing nutrients in today's diet. Although you should start by trying to improve your menu plan, there are 40-plus nutrients that are considered necessary to support overall wellness. So, ask your health care provider, nutritionist or weight loss consultant what is needed to meet the requirements for your body. In the mean time, you can jump start your recovery by eating healthier, being active and taking a multivitamin.

Just remember that a multivitamin or selection of supplements can't help if you forget to take them on a regular basis. For additional information on how to use supplements to effectively complement to your diet, contact the Metabolic Research Center.


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