What Is the Most Eaten Fruit in America?

Oranges, Apples and Bananas

Bananas and apples are the country's most widely consumed fruits. The average person consumes over 11 pounds of bananas each year. Apples come in second place at just over 10 pounds per person. When it comes to juice, orange juice is being consumed at close to three gallons per person per year. Why are these fruits so popular? The results are added up to convenience and nutrition.

Apples and bananas can be eaten on the go with very little preparation. They are easy to carry, quickly to eat and are full of healthy nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. They don't have to be refrigerated, unless it is extremely hot and can be eaten alone or with a variety of other foods. Apples can be easily juiced and bananas can be used to make smoothies that are favorites for kids and adults alike. If smoothies are on the menu, any number of fruits can be included, such as peaches, plums, grapes, apricots, and pears. The result is a nutritious smoothie with an abundance of nutrients and only natural sweetness.

Bananas are easily one of the most nutritious foods around. They have an abundance of Vitamin C and potassium. They are not full of cholesterol or sodium, and they contain no fats or other components that are bad for your health. The major drawback with bananas is its abundance of potassium. While it is fine for most people, individuals who take beta-blockers for heart conditions can have adverse side effects if they eat too many. Beta-blockers increase the amount of potassium in the blood stream. Since bananas have an excessive amount, the combination can cause severe reactions in the body.


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