Walk your Hounds, Lose those Pounds

Couple exercising with their dog which is a great way to lose weight

There's a long-held theory that people and their pets tend to look alike. Unfortunately, that's not where the similarities end. Turns out that the health conditions of pets and their humans tend to be similar, too. Obesity statistics back that claim, showing that 70 percent of Americans and 53 percent of dogs are overweight. Other research shows that having a supportive weight loss partner can significantly boost your chances of success - so why not recruit man's best friend to come along on your weight loss journey?

Health consequences of obesity are similar for those at both ends of the leash. Both face an increased risk of diabetes, degenerative joints, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and shortened life spans. But multiple studies suggest that including your furry family member in your fitness routine can help you both shed pounds and the consequences that go with them.

In one study by Northwestern University, two groups of participants were given a sensible diet and instructed to take daily walks. One group took walks with their dogs, while the control group walked alone or with a human companion. Results showed that the dog-owning group not only lost more weight but reported being happier and more committed to continuing regular exercise and healthy diets.

It makes sense to us. No one grows to love a StairMaster and even your best two-legged pal's high-five won't compare to a tail wag and an adoring look from your four-legged friend. And what your pet can't give you, you'll get in spades from your nearest Metabolic Research Center. We'll help you develop a nutrition and fitness plan tailored for your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Find the location nearest you by visiting us online or calling 800-501-8090.


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I have been on the program for 5 months I'm down 80 lbs energy is up I'm not a weekend couch potato anymore the staff is great getting ready to turn it up a notch and get to my goal in the next five months and I know with this program anyone can do it you just have to want to do it

— Brian Wilson

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