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Low Protein Intake Can Result in Muscle Loss

Blog Image: Low Protein Intake Can Result in Muscle Loss

For centuries, men and women have tried to lose weight by following all sorts of weight loss plans. Unfortunately, the results from following diets have produced a wide range of results from successful to silly. Working with a weight loss specialist can pay big dividends and will prove aspirational as you launch your weight loss journey. Personalized diets prioritize foods based on your body’s unique nutritional needs to avoid side effects, such as:

  • Low Protein Intake - Being skinny does not make you strong. In fact, rapid weight loss due to a protein-deficient menu plan can reduce muscle mass, decrease your strength, and cause skin, nail and hair problems as well as increase the risk of bone fractures.
  • Chemical Imbalances - When the amounts of electrolytes in your body is either too high or too low, you can develop an irregular heartbeat, feel dizzy or suffer from muscle cramps. Imbalances can normally be corrected with an electrolyte replacement drink.
  • Loss of Lean Muscle - Even though the number on your bathroom scale ends up looking nicer, the loss of lean muscle mass is unlikely going to provide aesthetic improvements to how your body looks or how you feel.
  • Extreme Fatigue - If you want to lose weight without feeling tired all day, add more foods that provide the chew and fill factors, like water-filled fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
  • Dizziness - Feelings of dizziness during dieting can be related to inadequate hydration but more often it is a side effect of low sodium or low potassium intake. Watch for deficiencies in nutrients that may become depleted, especially during rapid weight loss.
  • Change in Love Life - Trying to force your significant other to lose weight when they clearly do not want to will never work. So, be creative and think of ways to boost inclusion aside from your personal agenda.

If you focus on living a healthier lifestyle rather than rapid weight loss, you can develop a sustainable eating plan that is more than a temporary means to a weight-loss dead end. A weight loss specialist can personalize a diet for you that has an initial phase to help you jump start your weight loss journey. You can enjoy faster weight loss because a personalized program can combine healthy strategies without gimmicks. Contact the Metabolic Research Center nearest you for a free weight loss consultation.


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