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Perhaps you’ve tried to lose weight a thousand times before and failed. Or you’ve thought about losing weight, but just aren’t quite ready to take that first step. Maybe you’re ready to start but there’s so much information and so many different programs out there that you just don’t know where or how to begin. Here at Metabolic Research Center, we believe weight loss and a healthy lifestyle begins with nutritious, healthy foods. Here’s what you can look forward to from a program with MRC:

  • Eat real, whole foods 
  • Learn to eat in ways that lead to a healthy lifestyle and new habits
  • Buy your own food at your local grocery store (no pre-packaged meals out of a box) 
  • Discover delicious recipes that will keep you satisfied and content 
  • Learn meal planning and prep tips to minimize time spent in the kitchen

On MRC programs, you’ll enjoy real, whole foods at every meal that you can find in your local supermarkets. Putting healthy options in your kitchen is just the first step, though. In addition to showing you which food options are going to be best to optimize your results, we’ll also tell you how much to eat and in what combinations at each meal. Your portion sizes are ample, and you’re not going to feel hungry when you’ve got a wholesome meal prepared. There’s no guesswork involved in “is this choice healthy?” or “is this going to keep me from losing weight?”.

We often hear from our clients first starting out, “I’m not a good cook” or “I can’t cook”. Here’s a secret: you don’t have to be a professional chef to create delicious meals that you and your family will love! Anyone can cook, and we can teach you how. Between our best-selling cookbook and website, we’ve got hundreds of recipes to satisfy every craving. From breakfast to dinner to sides and smoothies, we’ve got something for everyone. Holidays or a special event approaching? No need to worry, we’ve got a hundred ideas for foods to bring and/or choose to eat and we can help you prepare for success. Gone are the days of choosing between “dieting” and “enjoying my holiday meals”. With MRC’s menus and recipes, you can have the best of both worlds!

If you’ve ever let the idea of having to prepare two different meals for your family hold you back from getting started on your healthy goals, then you’ve arrived at the right program. Our menus boast over 100 different food options that fall under a variety of categories. You’ll eat proteins, vegetables, fruits, starches, and even healthy fats every single day! With so many choices, you’ll never have to make “mom’s food” and “the family’s food” separate again. The meals you enjoy are the same meals your family can enjoy and will be asking for again and again.

Short on time in the kitchen each day? No problem! We’ll show you how to minimize your time spent in the kitchen through a handful of strategies including meal prepping, meal planning, and finding faster recipes. Making something delicious doesn’t have to mean hours and hours spent in the kitchen every day. You can be on your way to mealtime success with just a couple of hours in the kitchen each week.

So, you’ve lost the weight and reached your goal. What next? Too many times weight loss programs only get you to your goal and provide no additional support or guidance for what comes next. In the end, this leads to lost weight being gained back and the search for, yet another weight loss program or method begins. Not at MRC. For every client who has reached their weight loss goal, we offer a Maintenance program that teaches you how to take the healthy habits you’ve been building over the past several weeks and/or months and translate them into long-term success. We’ll show you how to add back in those less-healthy choices that are going to come up from time to time over the holidays, at office parties, for birthdays, on vacations, and more. No more does “one bad day” or “one bad week” have to mean that you’re going to spiral back into the cycle of weight gain. With a plan in place, you can confidently head into any event or social gathering knowing that you will come out of it successful and the same new, healthy you!

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