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Prepping for Weight Loss Success

Blog Image: Prepping for Weight Loss Success

Creating new habits and developing routines will pave the way to your successful weight loss and maintenance! Truth be told, weight loss happens in the kitchen! So for the serious at heart, we’re going to show you how to plan, how to get prepared, and how to spend very little time in the kitchen! Whether you’re on a Metabolic Research Center (MRC) program, or one of your own, our coveted tips & tricks will make meal planning and prep super simple! We know that weight loss isn’t easy for everyone, but for everyone, we know that “Success” is where Preparation and Opportunity meet!

It’s a no-brainer that the number one detriment to successful weight loss is a lack of progress towards your goal. But did you know that the root cause of a lack of progress is a lack of preparation. All it takes is one night after a busy or stressful day to completely derail the best intentions. In this case, the cause really is the cure. Here’s the all-to-common scenario: You walk in the house, you’re hungry and hangry, you’re frustrated, your blood sugar has crashed, and your brain’s been hijacked. You fling open the fridge or cupboard door and you grab whatever looks good! Within mere seconds, the illegitimate guilt kicks in and says to you: “Oh man, you really blew it!” Sound familiar?

Well, let’s take first things first: you didn’t “blow it”! You’re only human and it’s only one meal. You are, however, capable of doing better though next time. How could this situation have turned out differently? Well, had something been prepared and available, you would have grabbed that instead!

So, now it’s about setting yourself up for success, and we’ve got tons of ideas for you. No matter if you’re following your program perfectly or you’re experiencing the usual challenges of weight loss, this information will support you in your endeavors. Get ready - Mission: I’m Possible is about to begin!

First, you’ve got to keep it simple. You don’t have to be a Michelin chef to make beautiful, simple, and delicious meals. Our easy-to-make recipes are plentiful, and your weight loss coaches are a great resource to help you tweak and find what’s best for you. Sometimes all it takes to take a meal from bland to grand is a squeeze of lemon juice, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a dash of some spice you’ve never cooked with before. In fact, when you’re finished here, be sure to check out our online recipe collection on our website, and you’ll see that when we say “simple”, we mean it! Browse by category, by ingredient, or just scroll through them all to see what strikes your fancy. Not seeing enough online, be sure to grab a copy of our MRC Cookbook, too!

Now that we’re agreed that we can do simple without taking away from flavor, let’s take a deeper dive in how to prep for success:

Plan what you’ll eat for the week (in writing). This will allow you to create a shopping list that’s concise and consistent with your meals. Pinterest has some awesome (free and printable) grocery lists that you can choose from. Find the one you like and get to writing!

Next, pick storage containers that are right for you. Plastic or glass stackable containers (of all sizes) stack and store easily in the fridge and can be purchased inexpensively just about anywhere (Amazon, grocery stores, Dollar Tree, etc.). You can use them for meals, snacks, condiments, drinks and even your herb and vitamin supplements.

Decide how much time you have to dedicate to meal prep. If you’ve got time in the morning or evening each day, you can prep for just the next day. Many clients find it helpful to prep for half or the entire week at a time, though. Incredibly, we’ve even seen some prepare meals for the month! Think about what’s going to work best for your schedule, and commit to it.

If you’ve never meal prepped before, don’t worry! It’s not difficult and we’ve got some great resources to help you get started. In this vide, Coach Heather explains the significance of why prepping is so important to success using examples from real MRC clients:

Next, Coach Tamara shows you how she prepares an entire week’s worth of meals. In just 8 ½ minutes of watch time, you’ll be prepping like a pro, too!

With MRC’s easy to follow system, you’re going to see the weight coming off; and it’s going to be coming off rapidly. MRC clients look forward to losing 2-4+ pounds each week while following program! The tips we’ve discussed today are only beginning, but they’ll help you develop routines and habits that make losing weight easier than you would imagine. Your coach is your resource for all things program; so take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. They are here and ready to help you succeed - in person in our centers or virtually over the phone, text, email, and video chat. We’ve been helping individuals such as yourself successfully lose weight and keep it off for over 35 years! Many of our coaches started out as clients and have a weight loss story of their own. So, when we say “we get weight loss” we really do!

Let’s recap and review the steps of “Prepping for Success”:

  • Write out your menu for the week - focusing on simple, yet delicious meals
  • Go grocery shopping based on the foods needed for your meals
  • Have storage containers on hand or purchase them
  • Prep, pack, and stack your meals

For MRC clients following a menu, here are some additional tips:

  • Prepare your High Nutrient Supplements and any herb & vitamin supplementation you’re using, and keep them in a place near your meals that you’ll remember
  • Prepare an “Emergency Kit” to keep at work, in your gym locker, in the car (where it’s not too hot). Don’t forget to include meal replacement shakes or bars in your E-Kit in case you misplace or forget your meal(s) altogether!

Weight loss can be the life journey that promises not only success, but the best version of you! Whether you decide you’d like support from a coach or just only need the space to do this on your own, always remember, “Success is where Preparation and Opportunity Meet!” Your opportunity starts now!

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