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10950 San Jose Blvd, Suite 14
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Phone: 904-268-3557
Fax: 904-647-6278

Weight Loss Mandarin

Contact This Center - 904-268-3557

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Mon-Fri, 9-7
Sat, 9-1

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Visit our center in Mandarin FL and learn how to lose weight fast with a personalized Metabolic weight loss plan. More than a diet, our qualified staff will show you how losing weight can taste great at the Metabolic Research Center. There's no calorie counting and you always eat real food not pre-packaged meals. Your weight loss consultant will provide the guidance and encouragement to empower you to meet your weight loss goals by adhering to your personalized weight loss plan.

Safely lose an average of 2 to 5 pounds weekly and enjoy eating out while you are losing weight. We will teach you how to maintain a light exercise regimen to preserve muscle mass while safely losing the weight. You can leave the fad diets behind and achieve your ideal weight with reduced feelings of hunger, increased energy levels and a healthy metabolism. Let the weight loss center in Mandarin teach you how to lose weight fast and maintain your ideal weight forever.