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Crash Diets Can Cause Metabolic Weight Gain

Blog Image: Crash Diets Can Cause Metabolic Weight Gain

Observations from several studies have suggested that weight cycling from dieting may change an individual's body composition by reducing lean muscle mass and increasing total body fat. Fat deposits are likely due to stimulation of enzymes in white adipose tissue. The primary cause of weight cycling in America is associated with weight loss due to dieting. Unfortunately, weight cycling is no longer just an issue for overweight or obese adults, it is also being observed in younger people and those of normal weight who are obsessed with their body image and physical appearance. Moreover, the person's obsession with food can cause them to become disconnected from hormonal cues for hunger and fullness. This causes metabolic weight gain.

Most Crash Diets Rely on Food Gimmicks

Once an individual loses weight, his or her body tends to reduce the amount of energy expended at rest, during exercise and while performing daily activities. Following an unhealthy menu plan can increase health risk because:

  • fad dieters do NOT lose lasting weight
  • crash or fad diets rely on food gimmicks
  • fad dieting can cause lasting injury
  • disordered eating leads to weight regain
  • fad dieting leads to disordered eating

Experts agree that very few people can maintain the restrictive eating that is often the foundation of fad diets aimed at rapid weight loss.

Learn to Love Your Body for Permanent Weight Loss

Although your goal maybe to lose weight and look skinny, it will be a lot easier to achieve if you break down goals into smaller, more sustainable pieces that you can control. If you adopt a positive outlook and wrap your mind around the concept of becoming a healthier person, losing weight and keeping it off will be a whole lot easier and much less stressful. If not, you are likely to struggle with managing the entire process. A different outlook on weight loss would be to look at how your body stores fat after you eat certain foods rather than looking at weight gain as merely a matter of how many calories you consume, which does not account for your body's hormonal balance. If you believe you can eat whatever you like because you work out so hard in the gym, you will likely be disappointed in the results. Learn to love your body for weight loss success.


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