Diane T's Story

I tried exercising but I didn’t get the results I needed. I felt tired and fat; I needed a change.

I started the MRC plan and quickly discovered --I CAN do this. The accountability and motivation I received from my Weight Loss Team in Boise, ID made all the difference. The level and depth of coaching I received made all the difference. The program really works, the menu is effective, and the motivation is just what I needed.

I've lost 40 pounds and I feel LIBERATED. I have much more confidence in myself, my appearance and my movements! I LOVE buying smaller clothes sizes and it is nice to see my fit and skinny legs. I am now able to walk longer distances, I don’t tire our or get winded, in fact I am signing up for a 5K this year, maybe two of them!

My doctor is very impressed with my weight loss and the healthy way I did it. My blood pressure has improved, I have more interest in being active and more endurance. I walk further and I can keep up with my friends on our walks!

I really want to thank Metabolic Research Center in helping me reach my goal of a 40 pound weight loss and for keeping me accountable without judgment, but with education, knowledge and science. You gave me the tools I need for the rest of my life to be able to stay healthy and make the right choices. I'm so much aware of mindless eating. You have been my partner on my journey and it has been incredible. Thank you for the rest of my life MRC!


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One of the best programs available. The diet itself is more like training yourself to eat well to be healthy. It offers great variety of good nutritious foods in appropriate quantities to lose weight steadily. The supplements improve metabolism and curb cravings. But the real powerhouse of this program are the ladies offering their support and encouragement. Simply the best.


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