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Stephanie's Story

Growing up I was always over weight and in 2005 I decided to take control. I started the Metabolic program and I lost 54 pounds in 14 weeks. For the first time, not only could I see my collar bone, but I could also cross my legs! I kept this weight off for 8 years, until I got pregnant with my little guy.

By the time I delivered, I was well over a healthy weight range and I had 70 pounds left to lose. Everyone kept telling me to 'relax! It's just baby weight!' Unfortunately, it wasn't baby weight; it was french fry weight, ice cream weight, pizza weight. It was everything but baby weight. I knew that I owed it to my baby to set a healthy example so I decided to take control once again. Metabolic was the only program that ever worked for me and believe me, I tried them all.

I started program the day after my first mother's day and in less then 7 months I was back into my goal jeans! The menus and drinks make the program easy to follow so I could spend my time focusing on what was really important, my baby!

I am so impressed with MRC and the staff here in Eugene. I gave tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight for the last two years on another well known program with no success...lose two, gain one and on and on. Finally, this program, the medical tests and personalized attention gave got me moving forward and losing weight. I am so grateful my husband saw the advertisement and encouraged me to make an appointment!

— Laurel Saunders Hay

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