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My name's Myranda, and with MRC, I lost 38.5 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 6!

I have had severe problems losing weight since I had my second child. He is almost 12 years old, and up until I started MRC, I was still losing the “baby fat”. Amid several medical issues, I had tried everything from time-honored weight loss programs like Weight Watchers to some not-so-conventional options like Garcinia Cambogia. When my thyroid stopped working right, and I gained 24 pounds in 21 days, I was hopeful that with getting on thyroid medication, I would start losing weight. This did not happen. I talked to my doctor and against some very bad side effects, I tried Phentermine (a medically prescribed weight loss pill), but again, I didn’t have much success.

Then my mom started losing weight. I asked her how she was doing it, but she kept it under tight wraps until almost the end of her journey. She then told me what she was doing, Metabolic Research Center! I was leery to say the least, but gave it my best shot. MRC has exceeded all of my expectations. The ladies at my local center have been beyond amazing! With their help, I have now lost 40.5 pounds. I never thought that I would be in a size 6 ever again but I am!! I feel better, look better, and have a much better mind set. I could not have obtained any of this without MRC and the ladies that have helped me so much. I know that this program can be a little pricey but it’s no more than going and getting your favorite Starbucks every day...and this system is a lot healthier than that anyway! I have and will continue to recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel better and look better. THANK YOU MRC for everything you have helped me to accomplish.

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44 lbs and 80 inches!!!!! I NEVER could have done this without you ladies. They taught me how to eat. They are encouraging and motivational. Even when I wanted to give up they helped me over come my discouragement of the plateau I hit. 2 thumbs up for the ladies here and the MRC program!!!! I have tried numerous other plans from workouts to diets and mixing the 2. Nothing worked before I started at MRC.


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