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Sharon T's Story

Sharon T's weight loss testimonal imageI was severely overweight for about 15 years. I had tried Weight Watchers, Monarch, Nutrisystem, Eat for your Blood Type, and several other weight loss plans. Even though I would successfully lose about 10-15 lbs, I would also get really frustrated with the amount of time involved to lose such a small amount of weight…and then return to eating what everyone else was eating and what I was used to eating. I just felt deprived while dieting, and I struggled to stick with whichever plan I was on.

When I found Metabolic, I felt like it was my last chance to lose the weight. This plan was encouraging from the beginning because it gave me details on what foods to eat, how much to eat, and in what combinations. The meals were easy to prepare, and the protein drinks and bars were very tasty! They made a great companion when I traveled and helped me to avoid the temptation of fast food (a common pitfall for me).

As the days turned in to weeks, I noticed that I was making much faster progress losing weight on MRC than on any other weight loss program I had ever tried before. The steady weight loss was very encouraging, and it definitely helped me stay true to my program even when I was tempted to deviate from my menu!

Now that I have reached my goal, I feel empowered in my life. For example: I find I can reach out to others with more confidence. My posture has improved and I walk feeling taller. Prior to MRC, I tried to hide myself in my clothing and coats, now I’m excited to try new styles and colors and show them off to everyone!

Other people that have known me are saying “you look amazing!" They are impressed with how the weight has just melted off. Some ask how I’ve done this, and I’m excited to tell them I finally found a program that really works! This program has shown me that no matter what shape you’re in, or how old you are, you CAN and WILL successfully lose the extra weight!

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I was looking for help for 2 years and my girlfriend suggest this place. I love it, my health is good now, the staff is amazing I love everything about this place. So worth it ??


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