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I have dieted many times throughout the years and tried several different types of diets at which I failed miserably. In 2003 because of family health history and the facts that I was morbidly obese, had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and joint problems, I had a gastric bypass. Through that process I lost 100 pounds and within two years I had gained 40 pounds back. At this time I was in size 40 jeans and large shirts; I wanted desperately to lose that weight. My beautiful wife heard the MRC commercial and suggested I check it out. I did and found the following:

The specialists at MRC are extremely supportive and give excellent advice. They have good backgrounds for weight loss - many have had their own trials and relate extremely well even to a fat old man! This is not a diet, nor a weight loss program. It is a lifestyle change. I chose to do the weight loss followed by a year-long maintenance program. I know myself and I know I would have failed on my own. During the loss phase I dropped 47 pounds at a rate of 4.2 pounds per week! I have not been hungry! I enjoy the foods I'm eating as well as the High Nutrient Supplements and Bars from MRC!

When I see others with weight challenges I want to let them know there is help, and from my experience MRC can help you. My Jeans are 34" and my shirts are medium Wahoo! I am in the maintenance phase and am excited to say that I am keeping the weight off! The benefits include: Liking how I look, being off of blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medicines, wonderful compliments for how I look, knowing that I am no longer obese, and my family's delight with how I look! I am looking forward to the next year as I learn to meet my dietary needs and to not eat the things or the amounts that I used to. Foods also taste better these days. Changes can be wonderful!

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I am so impressed with MRC and the staff here in Eugene. I gave tried, unsuccessfully, to lose weight for the last two years on another well known program with no success...lose two, gain one and on and on. Finally, this program, the medical tests and personalized attention gave got me moving forward and losing weight. I am so grateful my husband saw the advertisement and encouraged me to make an appointment!


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