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Tony's Story

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I am Tony Daniele and I have lost 92 pounds with Metabolic Research Center. I retired from the Air Force in October of 2000, and I adopted a very sedentary lifestyle. I ballooned from 205 to 300 pounds, and it took a toll on my body. After losing 97 pounds, I can chase my granddaughter all over, and I can go hiking again! I take the stairs around work instead of the elevator.

I was on blood pressure medications, and now my blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been in my life. I've been off my medication for months now!

Honestly, and I know it sounds weird coming from a guy, I feel fabulous. Most guys go to the gym - they don't pay attention to the foods. You have to pay attention to the diet, too.

I am very quick to recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight. In my current position, I work with over 5,000 people, and there are some who are bigger than I was. I tell them it really is easy to follow. The team at Colorado Springs has been nothing by nice and supportive to myself and my family the whole way through.

Even if you are a guy, just do it! What do you have to lose? Just look at me !

Tony's weight loss testimonal image
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I have tried about every weight loss program under the sun and firmly believe this one works - you just have to stick with it. The ladies at MRC in Champaign, IL are some of the most caring and knowledgeable people I have ever met. They are definitely engaged in your weight loss journey and support you whole-heartedly along the way, offering tips and tricks when needed. Check them out!


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