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Stephanie's Story

Stephanie's weight loss testimonal imageGrowing up I was always over weight and in 2005 I decided to take control. I started the Metabolic program and I lost 54 pounds in 14 weeks. For the first time, not only could I see my collar bone, but I could also cross my legs! I kept this weight off for 8 years, until I got pregnant with my little guy.

By the time I delivered, I was well over a healthy weight range and I had 70 pounds left to lose. Everyone kept telling me to 'relax! It's just baby weight!' Unfortunately, it wasn't baby weight; it was french fry weight, ice cream weight, pizza weight. It was everything but baby weight. I knew that I owed it to my baby to set a healthy example so I decided to take control once again. Metabolic was the only program that ever worked for me and believe me, I tried them all.

I started program the day after my first mother's day and in less then 7 months I was back into my goal jeans! The menus and drinks make the program easy to follow so I could spend my time focusing on what was really important, my baby!

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Great program. Staff were my personal "cheerleaders" as they were informative and encouraging. I truly believe if it weren't for this program and the people behind the program, I wouldn't have lost 60+ pounds.


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