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Jonathan's Story

Prior to joining Metabolic Research Center in February of 2015, I'd been slowly gaining weight, I would lose and gain and lose and gain, at some point I quit losing and slowly only gained. I reached my highest weight ever in January, almost topping 240 pounds. When I joined MRC I was at 238 and was tired, unhappy with my appearance, had just purchased XL shirts and 38-40 inch waist pants. My partner at the time was a chef by trade and always made great meals. They were rich, creamy and full of flavor but unhealthy by the standards in which I was about to embark.

Both my partner and I both joined MRC and we promised each other we would encourage and be support one another during our change to a healthier lifestyle. This was going to be a challenge for us both as it pertained to eating but also for my partner as a chef and being the meal maker in our home.

It was so encouraging to visit our Center each week, we discussed our challenges and opportunities with my Consultant. Every week I would see my weight drop, pound by pound, and every month we were measured and were able to see how many inches were gone. After the first few weeks it got easier, but it was not without its opportunities. Food days at work, the desire for pizza and other carbs, but I did it! The staff suggestions and ideas, and the MRC cookbook helped me to overcome and stay on track! As long as you are dedicated and your desire to be healthy stays alive, you can overcome your cravings and habits!

Yes, there will be weeks your weight will go up, or your inches lost or % of body fat don't drop as quickly as you'd like. Don't let these stop you or keep you from reaching your overall goal. I had weeks and still do where I gain a few pounds and feel as though I failed. Just STOP... Get back on the path of being healthy and looking your best and you will overcome these hurdles.

Over the course of the MRC weight loss plan, I went through a very emotional separation from my life partner. This was, without a doubt, the most difficult time I have had to endure. Even though I went through it, I stayed the course and have continued to lose! The staff helped me keep my end goal in sight. They reminded me not to let this life changing event keep me from another life changing event, which is reaching my goal of losing 30+ pounds of fat, and almost 24 inches off my entire body. I am continuing to see such positive results not only in my appearance but in my physical well being.

In 2013 I had open back surgery. The weight loss reduced the strain on my back and allowed me to increase my level of activity. I just feel better!!! The outside world and your peers come up and say "WOW, you're looking good, what are you doing?" Talk about encouragement! That in itself helped me stay the course. It kept me focused on looking good and feeling better. I wasn't going to let my separation keep me from looking and feeling my best. I'm in the best shape I've been in over 20 years. If I was going to be single again then I was going to be single and skinny.

I hope this testimonial helps at least one person take the next step and decide to take back their life! My advice is to lose the excuses, lose the grip of the fast-food, breakroom food, and junk food have on you and start your healthier lifestyle today. This does not mean in any way you can't have a donut, a slice of pizza or for that matter the burger at your favorite burger joint. It only means you will carry the mindset of how to eat those things in moderation and with proper portions. The other 95% of the time make a healthy choice to keep you looking your best!
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I have tried another program in the past however I really enjoyed the science of eating healthy foods and fruits in combination with your carbs and protein to obtain a healthy weight loss. They are concerned about your whole body wellness! I met my goal of losing 34 pounds and have enjoyed the whole experience! Now I know how to eat healthy! They provide a year of maintenance after the weight loss too! Try it and lose your extra weight!


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