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Gina's Story

As a health care professional, I'm on my feet all day, leaving me with achy knees and back. In my job I coach diabetic patients on how to take care of themselves and there I was, 43 years old and 50 pounds overweight. Once I realized that my weight was causing the constant pain and discomfort, I knew it was time to take action, that's when I called Metabolic Research Center.

Before I started the program, I was embarrassed and ashamed that I let myself go, I knew better! I am incredibly thankful to my coaches at Metabolic Research Center - they chose the best menu for me, took the time to thoroughly explain the program to me and how the nutritious food would help me lose the weight and also help balance my hormones.

Today, I'm at my goal weight and feeling like a brand new person. I've lost 50 pounds and 39 inches. My knee and back pain... GONE. My embarrassment and shame... GONE. I've never been as confident as I am today, my job is easier, my patients are more responsive to me (because now I'm practicing what I'm preaching). I have more mental clarity and my sleep has certainly improved.

My words of encouragement to anyone wanting to lose weight, DO IT... serious... what's there to lose?? But WEIGHT and just think of all the areas of your life that will thrive after you lose the unwanted pounds. The coaches at Metabolic provided me with constant motivation, accountability, encouragement and lots and lots of laughter! My weight loss journey was enjoyable, not dreadful.

When my patients, friends and family ask me what I've done to lose my weight, I confidently tell them "I made a lifestyle change and joined Metabolic Research Center".

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I am so happy I made MRC in Panama City, Fl. part of my life in 2012. My life changed for the better, with the weight loss I achieved such health benefits and knowledge to continue and maintain my success. As a bonus I now love shopping. The representatives here are so wonderful and helpful. I love them all. In total I lost 50lbs.


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