Connie's Story

I had tried time and time again to lose weight on my own. Each time I ended up feeling like I’d failed because I’d never lost the weight I ‘d set out to lose. I felt like I couldn’t do it alone. I felt uncomfortable, bloated, and unattractive. I decided enough was enough, I wanted to feel better so I came to MRC for help. While I was on the program, I was surprised I was not hungry AND I truly enjoyed my meal plan! The thing I liked the most was that I was successful! I learned to feed my body with healthy choices. I have reached my goal, feel fabulous and enjoy more activities than ever before. Most of all I love my new wardrobe! This program is worth every dollar!!

I just want everyone to know you CAN succeed with MRC, there IS hope!! Losing the weight is so beneficial to your health and quality of life. Just DO IT – for yourself!! Thank you, MRC!
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The people at this place have honestly saved my life. They have helped me in ways no one else could. I appreciate them for celebrating with me while holding me accountable!


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