Bill's Story

In January 2010 I moved to Arkansas from Iowa. I took a job with a large amount of travel; my territory was huge and it really started taking a toll on my body. I was stopping for gas, grabbing pork rinds and an energy drink, getting into hotels late, and skipping meals. If I was lucky enough to get a hotel with a restaurant I might have grabbed their “Burger and Brew??? special, or last but not least call the closest pizza joint before I hit the sack.

Before too long I could feel a SERIOUS change in my body. The gas station snacks, fast food and hotel food were really getting to me. I noticed little things changing like my pants and belt getting very tight. I started waking up every day and feeling disgusted with myself, the last straw was when I had to bend down to tie my shoes and I had to take three breaths in order to ties my shoes…THREE!!! I knew something had to change.

Shortly after this I was traveling for work and listening to music and the DJ came on and mentioned Metabolic Research Center. The second I got to the office I called, it was SO fast; I actually got in to see them that very night!! They showed me around the center, showed me some success stories and I was ready to rock and roll!!

I have to say my menu was surprisingly easy to understand and follow. I shared with them my issues with travel and they gave me great tips on how to be successful, which worked!!! With the help of the consultants at MRC, I lost 53.5 pounds. I now have the energy to exercise and even better, I was able to come off my blood pressure medication!
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Very supportive staff, realistic goals, real food. Not a diet but a new way of living!


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