Tamara's Story

When I was younger, I had always been thin and never really struggled with weight. Well then I had my first child and all of that changed. I gained 50 pounds and couldn’t get it off! Then after my second child I gained even more weight and still was unable to get it off! After I had her, I was miserable; I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t feel as big as I actually was. I would see pictures of myself and think, “How did it get this bad?!"

Between the birth of my children, I tried all the gimmick diets and “miracle" pills and shakes out there. When I decided to come to Metabolic Research Center, I knew it was time to change my lifestyle and learn the right way to eat. I wanted to do something that would last forever and not try to take the easy way out. I had lost weight before but would always gain it back whenever I stopped doing whatever quick fix I had tried. The best thing about MRC is that you do it naturally, healthy, and quickly! Best of all worlds! I started losing weight immediately and felt so much better. I never realized how much my diet affected me. Once I started eating better, I came out of that “fog" I was in. I had energy that I hadn’t felt in years! Every week I would come into the center the staff was so encouraging, the staff was always my biggest cheerleaders! It was so fun to get on the scale and have them cheer me on. This is another reason I believe so much in Metabolic Research Center. Sure, I think I could have eaten the right foods and lost weight, but to have the accountability and support when I came into the center each week made all the difference!

It would have been so easy to get discouraged and go off track or fall off the bandwagon had I not gone to MRC. Just about the time I would start feeling down or wanting to throw caution to the wind, it would be time for a weigh-in. Their support and encouragement was all I needed to get that motivation back! Of course, my family and friends supported me and noticed my changes, but it was so much easier to come into a place where everyone had been in my shoes. That same place you’re at right now, they’ve been there and have done it!

MRC has given me myself back and I feel like me again! Actually, I feel like a better me! I’m happier, healthier, and stronger than I have ever been all thanks to Metabolic Research Center.

A million times infinity THANKS!
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This program is amazing!! I've never stuck with a plan more than a week - now I'm almost 3 months in - 28 pounds and 48 inches smaller!!!


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