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Nina's Story

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I first heard about Metabolic Research Center 13 years ago from a co-worker, and then again a year later by a friend. The huge eye-opener that pushed me past my hesitancy to get started was when I realized that at the age of 40 I didn't want to go on vacations anymore just to avoid photos! Getting healthy and feeling better about myself was now my priority.

I was so happy to realize that pre-prepped or frozen meals weren't a part of MRC's program - I wanted to do this with real foods in a healthy way. The weight loss was so easy! I was able to cook healthy delicious meals not just for me, but for my entire family! The support and accountability I received during (and after) my weight lost has completely changed my life. My energy's back, no more brain-fog, I exercise, I sleep like a baby, and I know how to make healthy food choices!

I've worked so hard to overcome the emotional and mental road blocks of weight loss, and I'll never go back to the old me. I'll continue living my best life by applying all that I've learned at MRC. If I could encourage you, I'd say, don't be afraid to ask for the help you need! Ask for answers, ask for support, and welcome the accountability...after all, that's what your team of Coaches is there for! This program really works! 

If you ever have "those days" or are hesitating like I did, it's helpful to have something powerful and motivating in mind that you can use to refocus. Me? I used the words from a song that I love. I'd either say or sing to myself "So when I fight, I'll fight on my knees with my hands lifted high. Oh God, the battle belongs to you." I did it, and with MRC you can, too!

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The Metabolic Research Team in Columbus, Georgia is the best! If you are ready to live healthier and happier, Go for it! It's been a year since I lost 60 lbs with the help of this awesome team! And my pounds are still lost!! XD


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