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Pam's Story

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When I hit my goal weight (135-140#), I was utterly surprised to see that I’d done this all while eating so much food! I had actually completed MRC’s program successfully several years ago, but the reasons I lost the weight the first time weren’t sustainable. So, this time I put my mind and my motivations in the right places, and I knew that I could do this! First, I needed to learn how to love myself again. I was also tired of only being able to experience my grandchildren from the couch because the pain in my knees from all of the weight was unbearable. Since losing 90 pounds with MRC, my life has changed dramatically. I do love myself again! I can get down on the floor with the kids! My knees are virtually pain-free! Clothes are fun again! Truly, I feel like I discover a new benefit every day - it feels like they are unending!

The thing that makes MRCs program different from any other program out there is the support you receive - it is second to none. My coach was truly amazing. She listened to me from the moment I sat down and never stopped hearing me. When I walked in to get started this last time, I told her, “I don’t want to buy my way through this. I want to do the work!” She was my constant cheerleader and always positive (no matter what the scale did or didn’t show from week to week).

If you’re considering starting, just do it, and keep moving forward. Know that when you stumble - it’s okay (we all do!). Just get back up and keep moving. Own your journey (whatever that may look like - and it will be different from week to week) and never give up on yourself. I know that my MRC Coaches never gave up on me. MRC’s program taught me that truly successful and long term weight loss is a lifestyle change and not just a diet. And it’s when you embrace this new way of life that your life will be new.

Pam's weight loss testimonal image

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