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Mikol's Story

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I started my weight loss journey with Metabolic Research Center after a friend had great success. I was honestly fearful that I’d quit before seeing any results; because that had always been my pattern with other programs. But, my health was declining, and I needed to lose the weight. I had hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea (with use of a CPAP), and was snoring. This was all part of my “fluffy self” and I was tired of it (and I was tired of waking my husband up nightly with my snoring that I only do when I’m fluffy). I wanted my health to be better and I just wanted to feel better, too. It’s not a fun time to only feel good enough to watch everyone else live life instead of being an active participant.

With MRC, I lost 60 pounds and 78.25 inches! And I was so surprised at how quickly the weight came off. I’m completely off my blood pressure medications, I can easily climb stairs, I’m confident in my appearance, I’m in control of my eating, and I no longer have sleep apnea! By far the most important part of my program was the accountability provided by the staff. I enjoyed my check ins and the motivation I got from them.

If you’re thinking about starting - do it! And if you’re just starting, here’s my advice: Don’t give up. Your results are almost always noticeable to others before they are to you! I had to give that “fluffy girl brain and mindset” time to catch up to the changes happening with my body. The time it took was worth it, the money it cost was worth it, and my dreams of a fuller and richer life were worth it! Because I’m worth it! I can climb stairs without getting winded, I feel confident in my appearance, and I’m in control of my eating again. The program worked for me because I worked it!

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The support I receive from the awesome staff at MRC Topeka keeps me motivated each week to continue moving forward toward my goal!


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