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Lanette's Story

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For me, it all came down to my health. I have osteoarthritis in my knees, and I needed surgery. But I couldn’t have the surgery because my weight was too high at the time. My surgeon is the one who actually suggested Metabolic Research Center’s program to me. Like many, this wasn’t my first experience with weight loss programs. With other programs I had tried in the past I would lose weight up to the point where I had to add in exercise. “It’s easy,” they would say, “just start walking every day and take the stairs instead of the elevator.” Unfortunately, adding more walking and stairs was the worst possible choice I could have made for my knees and their very fragile condition. So, it was important to me that I was able to find a program that worked without requiring me to put any extra strain on my knees. My surgeon assured me that MRC had a program like this, and I decided to take one last shot and try for my health.



As you can see today, it worked. I will always need the surgery since the damage that has been done won’t ever completely disappear. But weighing in 145 pounds lighter now has reduced the pressure in my knees enough to where a normal level of activity is possible for me again. I can now go to the mall or grocery store without any pain. When there’s an evening event, I don’t have to plan out my steps during the day in order to still be able to walk later on. Even better, my energy levels are much higher, and I’ve created healthy nutrition habits that will benefit me for a lifetime. I went from a limited life to one without boundaries, and you can too!

Lanette's weight loss testimonal image

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So supportive and makes losing weight fun and easy. I'm down over 50lbs and on my way to my goal!


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