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Ramona's Story

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My cardiologist asked me to lose weight. I was already thinking about how I didn’t like the way my clothes fit and I wanted to be healthier in general, but my doctor's urging me for my health the final kick I needed to be motivated to finally take action. I didn’t honestly think this program would work, but I put my trust in MRC and got started.

To my delight and surprise, I started losing weight right away and I didn’t gain it back! I have more energy, I look better in my clothes, I even began sleeping better, and I've gotten off of multiple medications! This program worked for me and it wasn't as hard as I anticipated.

I’m very proud of the 22.5 pounds I've lost and very grateful for the weekly weigh-ins and the helpful staff that always greeted me by name. If you stopped liking yourself like I did, you’ll have the most wonderful change of heart when you get to your goal. I’m 86 years young and want you to know that you can lose weight and look great at any age!

Ramona's weight loss testimonal image
Ramona proudly celebrates her weight loss success in the center!

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The staff here are so friendly, supportive, and helpful! I've lost 13 pounds in just a few short weeks, and I have not been hungry or felt deprived! I am so grateful I found the Metabolic Research Center to help me lose the weight I needed to be healthy!


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