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Mary's Story

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My addiction to sugar, my fear of another costly program, and previous failed attempts at weight loss made me hit that "pause" button on my self and health yet again. But, I felt so physically and emotionally horrible that I had to do something; I could barely bend over and was always hungry too! That’s when a post from MRC that my friend had liked on Facebook showed up in my newsfeed. That was the push I needed to book a consultation and find out more about this place.

Once I got started I was truly amazed at how easy following the program was and how friendly the employees were! I expected that something like this was going to cost a lot, but it wasn't expensive at all! I still can’t believe I’m off the sugar and how much better I feel. Now that I’ve lost 31.5 pounds and 36.25 inches, I’m so much happier! I got rid of a closet full of clothes that no longer fit me (good riddance!), moving around is a breeze, and I’m not hungry all the time anymore! My advice to you would be two things: follow your program exactly as you’re instructed, and then, prepare to buy new clothes!

Mary's weight loss testimonal image
Mary M. showcases over THREE FEET of inches lost on her program!

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Vanessa is my coach, but other coaches, staff are empowering, encouraging, and inspiring! I came in after trying so many weight loss programs. Staff is so encouraging, empowering. Products are healthy and fulfilling and the menus are great that are flexible. I would recommend this to everybody. And I have! They celebrate small and large victories to empower and encourage. Awesome program and awesome people. They give you the tools for life-changing eating habits. I LOVE Colorado Springs Metabolic Research Center Team!! Thanks for walking with me on my journey!


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