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Bonnie's Story

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I discovered MRC while researching weight loss on the web. There was a center nearby to my work; so, attending my initial consultation and subsequent weigh ins was super easy and convenient! Motivation was three-fold for me: I wanted to decrease (and even eliminate if I could) some looming health issues I was having, I wanted to improve my overall mental, physical and psychological well-being, and I didn’t want to be the “fat Grandma” at my grandsons Air Force graduation!

I would have started sooner, but I bought into these false ideas and sayings that "you gain weight just because you're aging" and "you'll probably be overweight all your life". For too long, I allowed myself to believe that I would end up just another statistic. I’m so glad I gave MRC a chance because I’ve lost 55.5 pounds and 51.5 inches in just 28 weeks! I had so many food choices! I never got bored! Even though I always felt pleasantly full, my weight dropped every single week! I have so much more energy, and my mobility is off the charts!

Weight loss has not only empowered me physically, it's empowered me mentally and emotionally, too! People are so supportive of my weight loss and repeatedly remind me that they are. One of the most beautiful and memorable moments for me was the expression on my son's face when he first saw me after my weight loss. His surprise and awe were priceless! This alone made the program worth every penny spent and every change I needed to make! I learned so much about meal composition (protein, carbs, fat), my awareness of nutritional content has empowered me to make much healthier choices, and all of this adds up to an increased likelihood of maintaining my healthy weight for the rest of my lifetime.

Like me, you can take the first step, and you’ll never regret it! I did well to remind myself throughout my program that I didn't put the weight on overnight, and it wasn't going to come off overnight either. This helped me to concern myself less with "the number on the scale" and focus more on the consistent weight loss over the period of my program. And before I knew it, I was at my goal! Truly, this program really works!

Bonnie's weight loss testimonal image

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From the moment I inquired via Facebook to over 2 months ago I have been nothing but pleased with the support and encouragement of the staff! I love the encouraging text messages that randomly pop up on my phone as well! I have been on many weight loss plans and I can honestly say that although this is not the least expensive program it is the healthiest and more 'REAL LIFE' plan that sets you up for success. I love the bars and the tomato soup most of all! If you are on the fence I encourage you to take a leap of faith and do this for yourself!! We most times put ourselves last and in all reality if we are healthy and feel good emotionally and physically we are a better person for those around us.


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