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Holly's Story

Starting out, I had no idea the scope of what MRC had to offer, and I let my prior experiences with weight loss (results, financial burdens, etc.) hold me back from getting started. Then I saw an ad on a billboard that got my attention. I wanted a better quality of life and knew that in order to have it, I needed to get physically and mentally healthy; and I could not let my prior experiences hold me back any longer. Metabolic Research Center's holistic approach, combined with their one-on-one support, made my weekly weigh ins something I truly looked forward to!

I must admit being surprised was when I wasn’t met by the staff with the “blame game” approach that I’d anticipated. Instead, I was supported, respected, helped, and above all else, the staff showed me how much they really cared for me. They were equally as invested in my success as I was. Having lost 29 pounds and 29.5 inches in 18 weeks, not only can I move again but I can breathe easy while moving! My muscles have awakened, and I feel so great!

Food is no longer the center of my life, and I’ve learned that food can’t give me the support I thought it did. Instead of feeling driven to eat, I’m empowered to decide what I want to eat! Talk about freedom! The combination of support, the right supplementation, and my menu, worked the magic I longed for. Not everyone’s crazy about keeping a food diary, but if I were to give you a piece of advice, I’d say track everything on it, and never give up on yourself.

This program was fantastic! For me, I wouldn't call it inexpensive, but then again, neither are joint replacements or diabetes! And this way of life is much more preferable to either of those. Peace of mind, learning self control, and having success in obtaining my health goals was worth every penny and every minute!

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I love, love, love Metabolic! The people are amazing, the products are yummy, and the program is easy peasy!??


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