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Michael's Story

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Who can say "no" to getting healthy when it’s your mom who’s asking you? After having so much success on the MRC program herself, I knew she just wanted the best for me, too (that's what mom's do, after all). Did I want to get healthy for myself, too? Of course! But I would be remiss if I didn't admit that was a little afraid of the restrictions with foods that might be put on I did put off contacting MRC to get started for some time.

Finally, giving in to mom’s pleading, I went in for a free consultation to learn more. I was so happy to learn that I would have far more choices than restrictions on the program. My Weight Loss Consultants, Sammy and Courtney, were so upbeat and positive that it made my weigh ins really enjoyable. Truly, I was actually most surprised that the program worked and how well it worked! You can’t argue with an average weight loss of 4 pounds per week!

All in all, I lost a total of 51.5 pounds and 33.5 inches in 13 weeks! To anyone else getting ready to start on their journey or considering it, I'd say, "concentrate on the process and don’t make your bad days a bigger deal than they are. Remember, weight loss is about progress, not perfection”. I move through my days now with purpose and focus, and I’m fully present for the people in my life! I have tons of energy (I can even whistle while I tie my shoes again). It feels like I’m driving around in a Ferrari instead of a Model T!

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Thanks to everyone at Columbus MRC for being helpful and caring. I am happy to report my first "everything's normal" blood test in years!


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