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Eleni's Story

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My primary care provider is actually the one who referred me to MRC. I needed to get off hypertension medication and we both were becoming increasingly concerned about my longevity and quality of life. Not to mention, I had so many beautiful clothes from years ago that I wanted to get back into! I was ready to reclaim my health, and I liked what I heard about MRC and its programs. They made it a point to make their program fit my lifestyle. I was pleased with how tasty the protein drinks that accompanied my program were (and that they didn't replace real food).

Fast forward 37.5 weeks, and I’m a new woman! I’ve lost 63 pounds, I'm 68 inches smaller, and I’m once again the vibrant person I used to be! Did I mention that after losing the weight, I'm also completely off one of my medications? My doctor is thrilled! My other medications have been reduced to half the regular dose, too! 

In addition to my renewed health, I've been able to do some shopping in my very own closet and can confidently wear some of my favorite outfits from years ago! And I’m getting married to a wonderful Godly man who's always seen my beautiful heart for what it is, and is so supportive of how confident I am in my outward appearance, too!

The support system that MRC offers is fabulous and a key to my success! When you get started, you need to be "All In" - owning your program is key! ...and giving it less than 100% is only cheating yourself. Dare to imagine that you can live a different life...the one you deserve! And my special and sincerest thanks to Chere at the Salem, Oregon Center. Your encouragement and ongoing support was my inspiration!

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Did this program 9 years ago. Lost 25 #, and it is still lost. :)


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