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Barbara's Story

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I heard about MRC from a work colleague who found success on the program. Initially, I had some hesistations and concerns of whether or not it would be right for me, but I knew I had to do something. I had so many weight related issues like declining health, low energy, and just feeling bad overall. 

I won't lie, for me, it was difficult at first (but then again, aren't all things that are new to us?). I had to learn to undo and reverse the habits that had put me in this weight gain mess. Each day, I learned a little more, and I lost a little more weight! Actually, the results were really fast! And it's not because I wasn't eating or starving myself...truly, there were so many options that I never felt hungry while losing the weight!

This program works, and the support from staff is invaluable. Since losing 36 pounds and 40.5 inches, I've regained my energy, I've taken back control of my health, I feel great, and I am once again confident! Buying clothes is so much fun again! Truly, the best part is that my son, having seen the benefits and success of my weight loss, has made the decision to join MRC for his health, too. Learning to control our eating habits was the life change we needed, and MRC gave us those tools!

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I'm very excited to say that this program actually works.. Coming from someone that has tried everything and not have it work! I'm seeing the pounds melt off.. Almost down 15lbs in a little over a month!!! I recommend MRC to everyone that has struggled with weight loss in the past!


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